Paula Butturini, Author of Keeping the Feast
Photo Gallery


Fayerweather Light at Black Rock Harbor in Bridgeport, CT.
John, as a very young Trappist monk, at St. Joseph's Abbey, Spencer, MA, on the once-a-year visit with his parents Charles and May Tagliabue and his aunt, Julia Tagliabue
On the flight deck of the USS America off the north African coast just after the U.S. began bombing Libya in April 1986.
The only time reporters got to pose questions to Pope John Paul II was aboard the plane that took him on his many trips around the world.
On the beach at Madras, India with a member of Mother Teresa's order of nuns, one of hundreds of thousands of Indians who turned out for a Mass with John Paul II in 198
John and I in Rome about a year after we met.
Looking over the tiled roofs of Trevignano Romano toward Lake Bracciano.
John and Anna in "Apricot Heaven" in Trevignano Romano
John and I covering a strike at the Gdansk Shipyards, birthplace of Poland's Solidarity Labor movement.
Check-up with the British Embassy doctor in Warsaw after being beaten unconscious by Prague police at the start of Czechoslovakia's so-called Velvet Revolution.
The building entryway in Prague where an L.A. Times colleague and I were beaten, filled with candles and flowers left by anti-Communist sympathizers.
Wedding Day, wearing the Chicago Cubs batting helmet that my colleagues at the Chicago Tribune sent, to ward off trouble 'at the next revolution.'
Christmas Eve 1989, hours after learning John and another colleague, John Daniszewski of the AP, had been shot in Romania. Cheryl Bentsen reveals the mood. 
John and I after meeting privately with former President Ronald Reagan in Berlin. Reagan wanted to know all about John's shooting and whether he had felt the bullet hit.
One of several monuments to the 110 people killed in Timisoara, Romania, during the overthrow of the Communist dictatorship in December 1989.
Grandfather and granddaughter on the terrace in Trevignano Romano, happy to be topping beans together.
Julia in Rome taking a drink from one of the city's countless street fountains.
Visiting Mother Miriam at the Benedictine Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno.
Father teaching daughter to make ravioli in Paris.
The front door of our farmhouse, deep in la Brenne.